Director's Note:

We are living in times when there is a great need for caregivers. Panda HomeCare would like to thank our caregivers for all they do to not only meet the needs of our clients, but to ensure they are comfortable, safe and respected. Caregiving is a vocation. It is a vocation born from the hearts of all those who love to care for others with respect, dignity, and compassion. At Panda HomeCare, these are not merely words, but sentiments our caregivers honor our clients with. Panda HomeCare realizes that communities need the skill, heart and dependability of a caregiver. Their value and worth to society is priceless! A hearty thanks to caregivers that have made a positive and significant impact in the lives of people everywhere!

Please watch the video of our caregiver sharing her love of art with the elderly community and showcasing their work. Another caregiver encourages her client to color with pencils to create another masterpiece.