Overnight care provides peace of mind to both the client and family. Panda Home Care is a licensed home care agency with a team of dedicated overnight caregivers who carefully tend to the nighttime needs of our clients. Overnight caregivers are available to provide optimum supervision either through sleeping in the same room as the client or staying in a separate part of the home.

Overnight care is ideal for client who have trouble sleeping at night or who wander due to dementia. Individuals who struggle with nighttime sleep disturbances experience reassurance in knowing an overnight caregiver is only a step away. The presence of an overnight caregiver can also alleviates the anxiety and disorientation that results from disrupted sleep patterns. Rather than feeling undermined in their ability to live at home independently, our clients can find comfort with overnight care.

Overnight Care:
For one client:
$27.00 per hour

For two clients:
$32.00 per hour

Examples of care include:

  • help using the restroom in the middle of the night
  • providing fluids and snacks in the evening
  • assisting with preparing for bed
  • help with transfer assistance throughout the night
  • help with commode placement
  • ensuring water is readily available
  • prepare early morning breakfast
  • offer morning care, such as personal and home care

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