I want to tell you how grateful I am to have Janet as the PCA for my mother. The relationship that has flourished between my mom and Janet gives me tremendous peace of mind, knowing Mom is a 20-minute ride from me.

Janet treats her like she'd treat her own mother/family member. She consistently goes above and beyond to provide stellar care. Often, it's the little things - taking out more pull-ups and opening the package, leaving some on top of a table in the bathroom so my Mom won't have to try to rip open a package; opening up the milk or juice tops for Mom as we know our senior folks have issues doing that. Those are the things that I do when I shop for Mom and was so thrilled to see that she does the same - again, it's like it's HER mom.

Janet makes the most delicious meals, always sprucing up pre-made dinners we have delivered, and is always cognizant of proper nutrition for my mom; and my mom loves it! I've often joked that I wished I had a Janet at my house to take care of ME!
Janet is a true workhorse. She is always taking care of something (laundry, washing floors, scouring the bathroom, changing the bed, grocery shopping --- and on and on during her visits) all while interacting with Mom and laughing up a storm. In the small timeframe that we had switched to another agency, we really felt the impact of all that Janet does on a day-to-day basis and realized that not all PCA's are created equal.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I'd have so much more stress and concern in my life if Mom wasn't being taken care of as well as she is and it is all because of Janet! Thank you and have a great day!

P.S. Christine and Karen are great too on the weekends or filling in when Janet has time off and that has also brought me great relief and peace of mind.

Melanie J.

I am writing to thank all those at Panda Home Health Care Agency for their excellent in-home services.

We had approached the point of needing care for my mother when my sister and I couldn't be there and were referred to Panda by the hospice social worker. We met with Heather and within a few days, they had a team in place. The caregivers were very kind and attentive to Mom's needs. They not only assisted my mother with activities of daily living but also kept the household running. They took care of the my Moms beloved dog, made meals and did light housekeeping. My mother was able to spend an extra five months at home thanks to Panda Home Care.

The office staff did a fantastic job of handling all scheduling issues proactively. Most importantly, we never had to go without a caregiver or attempt to fill in emergently with out-of-town family.

I am very grateful to all those who cared for Mom so compassionately. I would have no hesitation in recommending Panda Home Care to anyone who is searching for care in the home!

Glenda B.

We could not have asked for a better-matched caregiver than the one provided by Panda homecare. Our first meeting with Heather was great and she was so patient answering questions from the whole family, she stayed about 3 hours. My parents can be difficult, especially my Mom when it comes to help in the house but their caregiver has been great with letting me Mom start tasks and then she jumps in and finishes them so at least my Mom feels like she is still doing something. And scheduling with Vicky has been great and she always lets us know if there is a change in schedule.

Would highly recommend anybody looking for trustworthy in-home care! Plus their prices posted are the prices you pay so I always know what the bill is going to be.

Gary V.

I had a wonderful experience dealing with Panda home health care. They answered all of my concerns and were very professional. I highly recommend this company for everyone's home health care needs!

Paul T.

Very helpful and friendly.

Tracy S.

It is a family owned business that really care about your love ones. They worked for my mother and went that extra mile for all her needs. Now I work for Panda, they show nothing but love. Thanks Panda Home Care

James R.